Welcome to the Special Education Technology Center Site.

SETC Supports:

  • all public school districts in the state of Washington and the personnel who work in those districts.
  • any student, preschool through age 21, who formally receives special education services and who may require assistive technology to access their education.
  • families of special needs students. (Services must be accessed through the school district serving their child.)

SETC Provides:

  • collaborative technology planning for specific students whose disabilities require that they use some form of assistive technology in order to fully access their education.
  • a lending library of toys, switches, augmentative communication devices, alternate keyboards and other computer input devices, environmental control devices and software designed for students with special needs.
  • staff development on topics including assistive technology overview, augmentative communication, alternate computer input, software solutions and environmental control.

SETC Funding:

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