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Beyond Switch Training Activities webinar

Date: October 28, 2019

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Kristin Leslie, ATP, MAT, OTR/Linternet 501

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Beyond Switch Training Activities

Do you have a plan and progression in mind for beginning switch users? How do you know when to move students beyond the basic switch training activities and on to meaningful and independent access to reading and writing? In previous webinars we addressed switch training in preschool aged children, but what about students in

elementary and beyond? In this webinar we will consider the goals of switch training, switch skill progression and moving beyond training activities. The use of switch accessible software programs can provide teachers and therapists with a clearer view of a child’s switching abilities, both in the realm of physical access and cognitive understanding. This webinar will demonstrate switch accessible programs that can provide access to adapted academic activities. In addition, we will also consider how to determine if it is possible for switch users to access grade level academic programs that are used by their non-switch users peers.

· If you are not familiar with a wide range of switches and interfaces, view a recorded webinar on this topic prior to this session. This session will not cover basic hardware.

Learning Objectives:

· Participants will learn to ask key questions leading towards meaningful switch use

· Participants will review switch training programs for elementary and beyond, as well as exposure to switch accessible reading and writing options.

· Participants will consider and determine accessibility of programs and resources used in general education


Kristin Leslie, ATP, MAT, OTR/L

Kristin Leslie is an occupational therapist and an assistive technology professional who has worked in special education in Washington State Public Schools for 19 years. She is currently the director of the Special Education Technology Center. Her leadership role at SETC includes providing consultation to administrators and educators on AT procedures and best practices. Also, she actively teaches webinars, in-person classes, and consultation on the implementation of assistive technology for children with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities.

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