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Working with Students Using Switches: New, and Emerging Technologies webinar

Date: April 22, 2020

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Amy Fleischer, OTR/L, ATPinternet 991

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Let's explore new ways for students with disabilities to maximize function, participation, and environmental control via switches. Switch-adapted activities have been developed over a long history of innovation. In the past, these technologies have grown from specialized needs and remained fairly contained to the field of assistive technology. These days, there are a variety of new technologies that – while not necessarily being designed for people with disabilities – can be used as assistive technology. With some simple yet creative adaptations, these devices can be powerful tools for learning and engagement. The goal of this webinar is to explore how students who use switches can use unique devices such as the Makey Makey to maximize participation in the education setting. 


Participants will understand the difference between UDL and AT

Participants will describe how and where to write AT/AAC into an IEP 


Participants will state the  importance of having AT/AAC in the IEP


 Amy is an OT and ATP, based in Washington state. She has previously served in medical settings, schools and universities, as well as community-based programs, and she has presented at local and national conferences. Amy currently works in the public school system, where she is leading an effort among teams to increase capacity for effective AT decision making. Energized by the hurdles and rewards of working on interdisciplinary teams, Amy especially enjoys collaborating to improve systems, services, and solutions for people with disabilities. 


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