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iPad: Fine Motor Apps webinar

Date: October 9, 2014

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Kristin Leslie MAT, OTR/L, AT SpecialistInternet 501

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Any occupational therapist would agree that most children develop strong fine motor and visual motor skills through everyday practice of manipulating and handling materials and fine motor tools.  In preschool and kindergarten, we encourage fine motor development by providing activities such as picking up cotton balls with tweezers, placing clothespins to objects, using push pins to create an outline of a picture, stringing beads onto shoelaces.  All of these activities improve control, dexterity and strength.  So what about apps on the iPad?  How do they fit in and support fine motor development?  Will tapping and swiping on a screen encourage fine motor development more than manipulating play dough, finger painting or building with blocks? How do we use the iPad strategically to encourage development of fine motor skills. This webinar will share ideas on how to use apps as tools to develop specific fine motor skills and circumstances when we might choose an app over other more traditional activities.


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Kristin Leslie is an occupational therapist and an assistive technology specialist. She has worked as an OT in Washington state public schools for 13 years and currently works in the Zillah School District. Her role at SETC involves teaching webinars and classes, as well as collaborating with districts on implementing assistive technology with children with wide range of physical and cognitive abilities.


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