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Scripted Language: AAC or Verbal Communicators webinar

Date: October 20, 2014

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Brenda Del Monte, MA-CCC-SLP, AAC SpecialistInternet 501

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 Social scripts are carefully designed conversations that teach students with autism to use a variety of language during social interactions. These scripts provide vocabulary for initiating, maintaining and ending conversations. It guides them to stay on topic, ask and answer questions and listen to peer and/or adult responses. Once scripts are understood, they learn when and where to use them to increase social interactions. Sometimes students can learn them verbally with visual support. Other times, AAC is the most appropriate tool.





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Brenda Del Monte is a speech language pathologist and an assistive technology facilitator. She has worked as an SLP in Washington state public schools for 7 years and currently works in the Ferndale School District. Her background includes experience in the medical setting, private setting and birth-to-three. Her role at SETC involves teaching webinars and classes, creating video tutorials, and collaborating with districts on implementing assistive technology with children with wide range of physical and cognitive abilities.

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