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iPad Mobile Device Management webinar

Date: April 26, 2018

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Traci West, MOTR/LInternet 501

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You have won the Lotto and you bought iPads for all of your students! Now what? Before you do anything, let’s consider a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to distribute apps, remotely update the iOS, and manage your inventory. While many MDMs perform similar functions, there are several initial considerations to explore to make the process run smoothly, including enrolling in Apple School Manager. We will explore the process of choosing an MDM, review the numerous options needed to get the system up and running, and discuss Apple School Manager.


Learning Objectives:

1.Explore the basic pros and cons of three MDM systems  

2.Identify the process needed to get the iPads from the box into student hands

3.Outline steps to set up Apple School Manager


Traci West, MOTR/L is an OT and Instructional Facilitator for Assistive Technology in Tacoma Public Schools. She has practiced in the OT field for 24 years, with the past 16 years spent in school-based therapy. Prior to earning her MOTR/L, she was a COTA/L and brings experiences from both perspectives during her years of service in nursing facilities, hospital rehab, hand therapy, and school based therapy. Passions include teaching others about the wide variety of accommodations available to support student inclusion in the general education setting and building a district culture of differentiation and inclusion.

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