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Core Words for a Dollar webinar

Date: March 27, 2018

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Melissa Mulvey & Karen Waddillinternet 991

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Sorry about the laughter, volume, chaos and mess, but we are learning to communicate here. Is this your mantra, too? Join us as we share 10 to 20 games designed to increase initiation, engagement and empowerment of students with complex communication needs who use augmentative and alternative communication. In consideration of the research supporting the need for a small set of high frequency vocabulary, which is functional across situations and context, the games focus on use of the Dynamic Learning Map¬†(DLM)/Project Core vocabulary. Games provide naturalistic communication interactions through play, and when combined with AAC modeling, provide a strong

intervention package for supporting student communication and learning. Bring a willingness to have fun and your competitive spirit to play Core Words for a Dollar!​

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn ways to adapt off the shelf games to encourage natural communication interaction through play.

Participants will learn intervention techniques to support student communication and learning.


Melissa Mulvey,  SLP,  Senior  Consulting Therapist and Team Leader, Cotting School, Lexington, MA; 


Karen Waddill,SLP, Director  of  Cotting Consulting,  Cotting  School,  Lexington, MA

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