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Enhancing productivity with Windows 10 assistive technologies webinar

Date: May 14, 2018

Time: 12:00-1:00

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Jiaxin Zheng, Product Marketing Manager, Windows 10 Accessibilityinternet 1001

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Did you know Windows 10 offers assistive technologies built-in to help you learn, work and play in your preferred way? Get introduced to Windows 10 ease of access settings such as Narrator, Magnifier, Color Filters, Eye Control, Read Aloud and Dictation to enhance your productivity and creativity.



Jiaxin Zheng is Product Marketing Manager who shapes and evangelizes the work Microsoft is doing to enhance the accessibility of Windows 10. She focuses on making Windows experiences more empowering for everyone, including the billion plus people living with disabilities. She is passionate about the power of technology to create more inclusive experiences and help everyone reach their full potential.

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