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Creating Inclusive and Engaging Content with Office 365 webinar

Date: May 15, 2018

Time: 12:00-1:00

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Malavika Rewari, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft 365internet 1001

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Did you know Office 365 can help you create more inclusive communications and ensure your content poses no barriers for those who use assistive technologies? Help ensure digital inclusion for the 1 billion+ people with disabilities on the planet by making your documents, presentations, emails and meetings accessible. Learn how to present with automatic live captions using the Microsoft Garage Presentation Translator add-in, embed audio/video with closed captions in PowerPoint and Sway, add alternative text descriptions to visual objects in Office 365 leveraging auto-generated descriptions for photographic images, transform printed text into searchable Office files with OCR via Office Lens and make text content easy to navigate with built-in accessible styles and templates.




Malavika Rewari is a Senior Product Marketing Manager who shapes and evangelizes the work Microsoft is doing to enhance the accessibility of Office 365. She is passionate about enabling productivity and digital inclusion for people of with disabilities, and shares details about Microsoft’s accessible technologies at With degrees in Engineering from National University of Singapore and Business and Design from Kellogg School of Management, she offers expertise to help the Microsoft 365 team create feasible, viable and desirable technologies.

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