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UDL 102: Tips for Implementation webinar

Date: May 16, 2019

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Rose Racicot, MS, OTR/L, AT SpecialistInternet 501

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Contact: E-mail Sue Wright at the SETC office to register, wrightsu@cwu.edu


This one-hour webinar will present ideas to increase your inclusive practices with staff and students of all ages.  After a quick review of the UDL principles and guidelines, there will be a focus on how to implement UDL in your district.  This may include learning about your educator role in implementing UDL, how to build relationships with administrators and colleagues in other departments, ideas for UDL professional development, and how to collaborate between general and special education teachers and specialists to plan UDL lessons in the classroom. 
Learning Objectives:
List 3 learning resources for exploration of UDL

Describe multiple ways in which you can model UDL as a leader

State key considerations when beginning to design an implementation plan for UDL in your district or classroom

Explain the 3 fundamental principles of UDL.

Name 3 examples of implementing



Rose Racicot, MS, OTR/L is an OT and Assistive Technology Specialist with 31 years of experience, currently working in Bellevue School District and SETC at CWU. She has conducted research and been published on “The Effect of Multimedia Software on Written Productivity”.  She presents workshops on literacy support software, UDL, iPad and other AT topics at state and national conferences as well as guest lecturing at local OT and OTA schools. She is passionate about helping educators implement Universal Design for Learning principles to create inclusive classrooms for all students to succeed.

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