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Learning the Cranmer Abacus: Free IOS and Android App webinar

Date: May 1, 2019

Time: 3:30-4:30

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Robyn Jones, Program Paraeducator for Vision Services for Tacoma Public Schoolsinternet 501

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Contact: Sue Wright


The Cranmer abacus is often taught using the counting method. Teachers for students with visual impairments are taught the counting method in graduate school. I’d like to sidestep the counting method and take you through the logic method, the method that uses partners (addends) of 5 and 10) to solve problems. The logic method stays truer to the new math approaches used in today’s classrooms. The order of calculations may be different from pencil and paper calculations performed by sighted students, but the heart of using place value is the same. Using the Know Abacus app (available on Android and iOS), I will take you through counting, adding, and subtracting. I will show you how to use the app to get good enough to teach. I will also show you how to use the app with your students so you can foster faster math, which equals fun math.



Robyn Jones is currently a graduate student at Portland State University seeking a Masters in Special Education with a VIL licensure to teach students with visual impairments. She is the program paraeducator for Vision Services for Tacoma Public Schools. She has six braille math students who are at different stages using the abacus. One of her passions is to make the abacus more relevant in today’s classroom.

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