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The Special Ed. Technology Center is now offering a free AT Overview class delivered to your location via the K-20 video conferencing network.  The class will cover basic AT concepts with demonstrations of sample technology including adaptive switches, augmentative communication, alternative computer access, environmental control and software to support special learning needs.  We will ship to you all the hands-on devices and materials and then connect via the K-20 at an agreed upon date/time.  You can schedule the class to occur in one 3-hour session or two 1.5-hour sessions.  Here’s how it works:


1.         Request the class using this form (


2.         A SETC trainer will contact you to set a date and time.


3.         Confirm with your school district K-20 coordinator (oftentimes an IT person) that the K-20 site in your district is available on the date/time selected and reserve the space.


4.         Confirm the date/time with your SETC trainer.


5.         Advertise or notify participants in your district or region.


6.         SETC will ship you the AT Overview kit (2 containers) with instructions for setup.


7.         At the agreed upon date/time lay out the sample technology products at your K-20 site, assemble your participants and dial in!


8.         Pass around the sign-in sheet to all participants.  (This must be faxed or scanned and e-mailed to us by the next work day.)


9.         The SETC trainer will guide you through the experience.


10.      After the session concludes please pack up the devices and materials according to the packing lists and return ship the containers to the SETC.  The cost of return shipping is your district’s only cost.


11.      Each participant will receive an e-mail invitation from the UW-Tacoma/OSPI to complete an electronic survey/evaluation of this inservice event.  This survey is yields very important statistics.  Please take time to complete it.


That’s all there is to it!  Please take advantage of this free training opportunity.

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