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Lending guidelines:

·       You must be affiliated with a school district in the state of Washington to borrow items from the SETC.

·       SETC items are loaned to the school district for a limited period of time (usually 4 weeks).

·       SETC items are available for assessment purposes only.  Visit vendor websites for purchasing details.

·       While SETC items are in your possession, they are the responsibility of the school district. The items may be used by staff and families on or off the school property.  If items become lost or damaged the school district is responsible for repair or replacement costs.

·       SETC items should be returned on time in the original or a similar packing container

·       The borrower is responsible for return shipping cost.

To make a loan request:

·       Click the Lending library catalog link

·       Click to select the technology category

·       Click to select the technology item

·       Click the Request item button to order the item

·       Call 509.963.3350 if you have any questions

·       If you prefer, you may make your loan request by telephone or email, please know the item names or catalog numbers

When you receive the equipment:

·       Check the contents against the packing list that you have received

·       Test the equipment to determine if there are any problems. If you experience difficulties call us immediately so that we can help you troubleshoot.

To return materials:

·       Check the packing list to make that you are returning everything that was sent to you

·       Remove any pictures or overlays which you used on the equipment (If you created an overlay which you found particularly useful, consider sending us a photocopy and/or disk copy)

·       Turn off the equipment

·       Pack the equipment well, using at least 2 inches of packing material around each item

·       Address the package and ship it, insured, via UPS or Fedex

·       The borrower is responsible for return shipping cost.

·       You will receive an email with an online survey regarding the items you borrowed and how they were used.

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